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National Tubes Limited is first & largest pipe manufacturing company in Bangladesh, was established in 1964 in the private sector. It was nationalized and placed under Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC) in 1972. It is the only Govt owned steel pipe producer in Bangladesh. In 1989 the enterprise was transformed into a public limited company by off-loading 49 percent shares to the general public. Now a sovereign Board of Directors manages the company.


The factory situated on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway on 14.31. acre land at 131-142 Tongi Industrial Area- 20 km north of the capital city of Bangladesh.

The Plant

It consists of 3 units. The first unit with 6000 metric tons per year welding capacity was established in 1964 and abandoned in 1993 due to exhaustion of its useful life. The second unit with product range-1/2 inch to 4 inch dia was established in 1980 with welding capacity of 9000 metric tons.

The third unit with product range 4 inch to 8 inch dia was established in 1982. The welding capacity of this unit is 30000 metric tons and the total welding capacity both operative units is 39000 metric tons per year.

National Tubes Limited, at a glance...

  • Establishment: In 1964 as a private Enterprise
  • Commercial Production: In 1965
  • Public Limited Company: 1989
  • Management: Board of Directors.
  • Share: Government: 51.00%, Private: 49.00%
  • Land: 14.31 Acres.
  • Capital: Authorized Capital: Tk. 100.00 Crore, Paid-up Capital: Tk. 31.66 Crore
  • Status: National Tubes Limited (NTL) is first and largest pipe manufacturing Govt. owned company in Bangladesh since 1964. NTL manufactures the Quality API, ASTM A 53 B, Marine Grade, MS  & GI pipe with 80, 40, 30 & 20 schedule. Also conforms International standard API 5L PSL1, ASTM A-53B, Bureu veritas, BS 1387 and Bangladeshi standard BSTI (BDS 1031).
  • Installed and Attainable Capacity: Installed Capacity: 39,000 M. Ton of API/MS & GI pipes per year. Galvanizing Capacity: Maximum 8 Ton per hour.
  • Production process: Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) process, employing high frequency system is used for manufacturing the pipe. Pipes are galvanized by Hot Dip Galvanizing process.
  • Length of pipe: Black pipes up to 3” nominal dia. and all sizes of G.I. pipe are manufactured in 6.1 meter (20 ft.) standard lengths with 10% of total supply in non-standard or short lengths. Black pipes of 4” to 8” nominal dia. are manufactured in 12 meter (40ft) standard lengths with 10% of total supply in non-standard or short lengths.
  • End Finish: G.I. Pipes are taper threaded as per BS-21 Pipe thread Black pipes are plain ended (beveled).
  • Heat Treatment : API line pipes are normalised as per prescribed requirements in continuous roller hearth type furnace.
  • Attainable Capacity: 10,000 M. Ton of API/MS & GI pipes per year.
  • Quality of the Product: a) Line Pipe: 5L Grade B PSL 1 as per API requirements. B) GI/MS Pipes: According to British Standard BS-1387, BS-729 and Bangladesh Standard BDS-1031 C) Marine Grade pipes: As per Bureu veritas Standard NR 210.
  • Major Raw Materials: Hot Rolled Steel Strips in Coil, Zinc Ingot (Special High Quality), Lead Ingot, Zinc Ammonium Chloride (Flux), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
  • Achievement: 1. API Liesense 2. API Spec Q1 certificate 3. ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 4. Bureu veritas Liesence 5. ACCORD & ALLIANCE Aproval
  • Products: a) API Line Pipe (3/4″ to 8″ diameter), b) MS/GI Pipe (1/2″ to 4″ diameter) c) Marine Grade (1/2″ to 8″ diameter)
  • Users: Gas Transmission and Distribution Company of Petrobangla i.e. Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company Ltd., Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution System Ltd., Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Ltd. Pachimanchal  Gas, BAPEX, Fire Hydrant Company, Sugar Mills, WASA, Manufacturing Industries and Real Estate Company etc.
  • Manpower: About 285.