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GI Pipe:


Galvanized Iron ,shortly writen as GI Pipe. When Mild Steel (MS) pipe coated by molten zinc that pipe form to Galvanized iron (GI) pipe.In National Tubes limited MS pipe is manufactured  as per BS-1387 & BDS-1031 , then this pipe is galvanized as per British standard BS 729 which is equivalent to DIN 2444 and IS-4736.


Use of GI Pipe:

The galvanized pipes are used for water lines both in domestic and commercial basis. National Tubes Ltd are committed to produce quality pipe for long lasting in water lines. Our each and every pipe is hydrocally tested . 


Process Flow Diagram:




Technical Specification:


Grade Chemical composition : Physical properties (Minimum)

'A' Class

as per BS-1387 & BDS-1031

Galvanized as per BS 729, equivalent to DIN 2444 & IS-4736

C = 0.17-0.25%, Mn = 0.95-1.20%, S = 0.06 % Max,  P = 0.06 % Max,

Ultimate tensile strength: 32 kg/mm2

Yield strength: 19.2 kg/mm2

Elongation : 21 % on a test specimen of 2” gauge length   & 0.13 sq. inch cross-section,


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