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MS Pipe

Mild Steel Pipes are produced according to the British Standard BS-1387 and Bangladesh Standard BDS-1031.



Use of MS Pipe

All Type of continious flow water line piping, pnumatic & continious flow piping works. Also used for structural works.


Precess Flow Diagram:



Technical Specification:

Grade Chemical composition : Physical properties (Minimum)

'A' Class

as per BS-1387 & BDS-1031

C = 0.17-0.25%, Mn = 0.95-1.20%, S = 0.06 % Max,  P = 0.06 % Max,

Ultimate tensile strength: 32 kg/mm2

Yield strength: 19.2 kg/mm2

Elongation : 21 % on a test specimen of 2” gauge length   & 0.13 sq. inch cross-section,


Available Size & Price: